Benefits of People Counting

  • Calculate conversion ratio = customers/visitors (x100 to obtain %). This is the key performance indicator of a store's performance and is far superior to traditional methods which only take into account sales data. Traffic counts and conversion ratios together tell you how you got to your sales. i.e. if year-on-year sales are down, did fewer people visit my store, or did fewer people buy?
  • Compare individual store performances.
  • Compare the effectiveness of different looks or themes (e.g. front window changes)
  • Confirm the success of promotions and other advertising activities. For example if after a campaign, the people counting figures indicated a 40% rise in visitors but the sales figures only rose by 10%, then the campaign did not reach its full potential!
  • Optimise your advertising budget by identifying successful promotions.
  • Determine the effects of competition on your business.
  • Optimise staff deployment. By accessing traffic flow information, the deployment of extra staff during peak times can reduce customer frustration and dissatisfaction. Services such as cleaning and maintenance typically must be done when traffic is at its lowest.
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