Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If two people walk in side-by-side, will they be counted as a single ‘person’?
A: Yes they will. Bear in mind that in a retail environment this is often desirable since a couple entering a store can be considered a single ‘purchasing unit’.

Q: Are the unit’s waterproof and can they be used outdoors?
A: The standard transmitter and receiver unit’s are for indoor use however there are waterproof and dustproof version available which can be used outdoors. The counter is not waterproof and must be installed indoors.

Q: Can the counter be set to automatically divide the count by two?
A: Yes this is possible via the counter set up menu.

Q: Does each entrance require a separate counting system?
A: Yes. The counters work independently from one another and do not communicate with one another.

Q: Will the counter register a swinging arm as a count?
A: No it will not. The counter requires a body to pass through the beam before it registers a count.

Q: Can the beam pass through glass doors?
A: Yes it can, however tinted or frosted glass will severely reduce the sensing distance.

Q: With the iCount200-IR, must the same iButton be used on the same counter?
A: No, any iButton can be used on any counter. Remember once data has been downloaded onto an iButton from a counter, this data must first be transferred to the PC data base via iCapture before it can be used on another counter.

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