Thermal and Tracking Counters (TT)

Our thermal and tracking people counting system uses thermal imaging sensors to sense the heat emitted by a person. The sensor tracks people while they are walking and counts them as they enter or exit. The sensors are mounted overhead in a downward looking manner, with an unhindered view of the target area.

Mounting heights vary from 2.5m to 13m with a sensing distance of up to 24m. For wide openings up to 8 sensors can be connected together to span the required width.

These counters are ideal for monitoring traffic at entrance/exit points of virtually any retail store, financial institution, casino, shopping centre, place of worship and exhibition just to mention a few.

Key Advantages

  • Time and date-stamped data ideal for traffic profiling
  • Hourly interval logging - data saved to on board memory for later downloading
  • Internal battery backup ensures that saved records are never lost even during power
  • failure
  • Report saved in comma separated value format (csv file)
  • 1 year warranty

Principal of Operation

The sensors are used in a downward looking manner, with an unhindered view of the target area. The sensors functions optically, seeing the heat emission from a person as infrared radiation, through a germanium lens.

The principle of operation may be visualised as being a square pyramid with a 60° apex. The sensing area is a square on the floor whose width is approximately equal to the mounting height; e.g. at 3.5m the sensor ‘sees’ a 3.25 x 3.25m square on the floor.

Virtual counting-lines are defined in the scene by the installer using a PC based set-up tool. Counting occurs when people passing through the scene cross the counting lines in a defined direction. Mounting heights ranging from 2.5 to 4.5m can be accommodated with the standard lens, and other lens options are available to cover mounting heights up to 12m.

The sensors may be used as single counting nodes or configured to span a wide opening. In the wide opening mode up to 8 sensors are linked to span the opening and will appear as a single counter unit with a wide ‘footprint’. The wide opening mode contains intelligence that prevents possible multiple counting at the interaction between adjacent sensors.




Logging time 4 weeks
Sensing Distance Up to 24m
MountingOverhead above entrance/exit
Data Retrieval GSM network
Counting Unit Power Mains (2xAA cells)
Sensorr Power Via counting unit)
The data is retrieved remotely over the GSM network using a standard Data Call. The counters are individually called using an office modem which is connected to a COM port on the PC. Data is retrieved using the iCapture program and saved in a comma separated value format (csv file) which can be read by virtually all spreadsheet programs (e.g. Microsoft Excel) or document programs (e.g. Microsoft Word).

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