Reporting Software

iCapture Program - for all iCount200 series counters

The iCapture program is a Windows based application that is supplied with all iCount200 series people counters. It is used for transferring data from multiple counters onto a PC via the iButton. Data can then be extracting in a flat file format (comma separated value – csv) for viewing or graphing.


  • Manages a PC database of the all the people count data
  • Transfer data at any time into the database via USB port
  • Export data in a comma separated value (csv) file at any time from the database for viewing or graphing
  • Collate data into weeks and months
  • View data only during store opening and closing times
iCapture iCapture


Traffic Count Software – for all iCount500 series counters

The iCount500 series people counters are a fully networked counting solution designed to automatically retrieve data from multiple stores/entrances/exits over a company network (LAN, VPN or WAN) or the internet. It is a bi-directional counting system providing both count in and count out. The Traffic Count software, which is installed on a central server, is responsible for actively pulling data from multiple counters and storing the data in a SQL data base. It features a reporting tool for generating and automatically emailing reports. Traffic Count software consists of the a control panel application and web based dash board.

 Integrated System



  • Reporting tool: Generate reports and graphs in the following formats:

    • Flat file format (comma separated value - csv) format for any time interval.
    • Aggregated graphs printed to pdf:

      • Hourly
      • Weekly by Day
      • Monthly by Day
      • Monthly by Week
      • Yearly


  • Counter Information: View information about all the counters such as:

    • Hardware and software versions
    • IP address, port address and MAC address
    • Current date and time
    • Error Status


Integrated System


    • Opening and Closing Times: Configure the opening and closing times of the stores or entrances.

    • Report Emailing: Automatic emailing of csv reports on a scheduled basis.


Control Panel:

  • Data Retrieval Scheduling: Set up a collection window and interval which dictates when data should be retrieved from the counters over the network.

  • Counter Commissioning: Counters can be initially commissioned, edited and deleted via the control panel.


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